Spiritual Refinement

The essence of all martial arts and military strategies is self protection and the prevention of danger. More than merely delivering strikes and slashes, and deeper in significance than the simple out-witting of the enemy; bushido is the way of attaining that which we need while making the world a better place. The skill of the ninja is the art of survival.

The skills of self protection, which so often provide a feeling of inner peace and security for the martial artist, often develop without a balance in the personality and lead the lesser martial artist into warped realms of unceasing conflict and competition which eventually consume him.

In tune with the providence of heaven and the impartial justice of nature, and following a clear and pure heart full of trust in the inevitable, the ninja captures the insight that will guide him successfully.

Wisdom, skill and becoming part of the warrior spirit just go on developing and unfolding throughout all of life. There is no bottom line, no bottom of the well that can be reached. The true warrior is never finished, he is ever becoming.


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