Unarmed Combat

Some of the more popular-oriented martial arts and eclectic training systems attempt to mould a practitioner’s way of reacting and moving to fit a stylised set of predetermined movements. In effect, they are adding to the student’s total personality.
The taijutsu (body skills) of Ninjutsu works in the opposite manner to naturalise all movements, thereby stripping away the awkward or annatural tendencies that may have been picked up unknowingly over the years. As a combat system, taijutsu relies on natural body strength and resiliancy, speed of response and movement for succesful results in self protection. The techniques take advantage of natural physical construction and efficient employment of body dynamics. The student need not imitate some sort of animal, nor distort the natural body structure in order to employ the taijutsu techniques for self defence.

The principles of taijutsu also provide the foundation for combat with weapons. The loose, adaptive body postures and movement readily accommodate any weapon, making it a mere extension of the base technique.

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