Instruction in weaponry is complementary to unarmed training and part of a complete education in martial arts. The basic curriculum involves a comprehensive education in bojutsu (stickfighting), kenjutsu (sword and knife), hojojutsu (rope and chain), sojutsu (spearfighting) and shurikenjutsu (projectile weapons). Buki (weaponry) training is carried out concurrently with taijutsu study, building on principles and concepts applicable to all forms of combat such as the approriate use of postures and the application of the correct weapon to different targets.

A part of any comprehensive martial training, armed combat has immediate practical applications by teaching realistic defences against armed opponents, often covered only superficially in fighting styles that emphasise empty-hand forms. Buki training refines a student’s distance and timing and develops an appreciation for heiho (overall strategy awareness).


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