Cab Addresses for NCE Throttles.

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Non Radio. 1 – 63


Radio Throttles  2 – 49. See notes below for details.


Power Cab 2.  Extra throttle 3. With SB3 2 - 5






Non Radio.


ALL Throttles - 1 to 63.


ANY throttle, including radio units when “plugged in” can use an address in the range 2 to 63. There are no “problem” addresses, when “plugged in”. Default addresses are: Procab – “2” and Cab04/05 – “5” See manuals Procab and Cab04/05.


Power Cab,


The Power Cab will only work on address 2.


The extra optional throttle, Procabs or Cab04s, must be set to address “3”.


When the Power Cab is used as a Procab on the larger Power Pro system, the address can be anywhere in the non wireless Procab range of 2 to 63. When the Power Cab is plugged back in to the Power Cab system Power Panel it will automatically go back to address 2 for Power Cab operation.


Using the SB3 – The addresses must be in the range of 2 to 5.



Radio Throttles


Enable the RADIO FIX in the Command Station settings. 


Procabs – 2 to 17. Do not use Address “8”. There may be “runaways” or there may be multiple clock displays.


Note:  If you are using the 12/04 EPROM and earlier, there have been reported issues with addresses 7 and 17. This has been rectified with the later EPROMs and the Radio Fix selected ON in the Command Station.


Cab04P/E & Cab05 – 2 to 48. Don’t use #49. This address locks up the radio system.


Due to the Procabs needing the addresses in the 2 to 17 range to update their displays, don’t use these addresses for Cab04/05R if you have more than 14 throttles or visitors bring their own throttles.


Note: Cab Address #18 is reserved, do not use.


Radio throttles, when “plugged in”, can be use with any address in the 1 to 63 range.



Extra notes for Clubs.


A club has to keep some form of Register to keep control of the Cab Addresses to eliminate “doubling up” of a throttle address that could cause operating problems.


An easy way is to list all the cab addresses, 1 through to 63 and each member puts his name against the number he uses. This register can be just a sheet of paper or similar, that is located at a convenient location, say next to the entrance door. When a new member comes along, he scans the register sheet and he can ONLY use an un-allocated address. He them marks his name against this address.


The club should make one or two addresses available for casuals or visitors. These numbers are only for them and no members should use these. This allows for continuing use of these numbers.


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