Marcus’ NCE DCC for Everyone. No pictures in this version. More DCC stuff at my Main North HOME

Topics in blue are web pages and won’t print in DCC for Novices. Topics in italics are future Topics


DCC is for Everyone.

Sound Decoders.

Wiring & General.



See Allan Gartner’s Wiring for DCC


General instructions & programming

Wire size, current rating.

What is DCC?

Speakers and mounting         

Attaching Droppers to Power Bus

Why go DCC?

Adding a sound decoder

More shorts in DCC - NO.

DCC has got Easier in 5 years.

Sound Resets - Why & Fix

What’s a DCC Friendly Turnout?

Books on DCC.

Individual program Dual Installs

Do you have to make all your

your Turnouts DCC Friendly-NO

DCC for Existing DC layouts

DSD sound only-Use 100 ohms

How to connect to a DC layout

Program DUAL Decoder Installs 

What is the Coin Test

Look for these features

Noisy” Soundtraxx decoders 

When to add a booster.


Test for motor buzz/hum

Add an Ammeter to the layout


Sound Locos on the Program Track

DCC Meters.

DCC Programming

The Sound Decoder ‘problem’.

Measuring Track Voltage using NCE

Configuration Variables - CVs

Adjusting the Volume

Power & Cab Bus Terminators

CV 1 - The Short Address CV


Twisting the Power Bus - Why

CV 7 & 8 Decoder make & version

Soundtraxx – Tsunami & DSDs

1156s for Power Division

CV 17 & 18 Long Address CVs.

Using DSD/TSU for sound ONLY

C/Breaks not resetting & Sound

CV 29 Decoder Configuration

Tsunamis on DC Setting Up

Short Management-C/B or 1156

The address- What does it mean

Tsunami Playable Whistle & NCE

Runaways Why - What to do

Programming - why & what is it

Horn/Whistle Volume LOW.


Program Track - Service Mode

Decoder Selector for Soundtraxx


On the Main – POM Operations Mode

My method of setting up Tsunamis


Programming after fitting decoder

Speed Matching Tsunamis etc


Programming the Address of loco

Decoder Pro.

What happens during a CV Read


Decoder Pro- What is it.

Basic programming of a decoder.

Programming QSIs Indexed CVs

Decoder Pro 2.4x Manual  > 8.0 MB


Change the Address of a QSI loco

Animated Demos of Decoder Pro

Address of DUAL decoder install

Resetting QSI decoders

Getting the COM Port right - PCs

Program DUAL Decoder Installs

QSIs Resetting on layout Power Up

Checking USB Adaptor operation


Setting the AD60 Headlights.

Getting the Port right - Macs


Adjust Volume of QSIs by CVs

Debugging Dec Pro Installations



List of Decoders at Decoder Pro



Decoder Pro for Power Pro


Auto Tune Motor for V4.0 & Select

USB to Serial Adaptor for Dec Pro

Installing Decoders & Gen info.

Decoder Pro for  Power Cab

Decoder Selection & Installation

Use NCE Monitor to Check Dec Pro  

Current draw of locos

NCE Specific Information - System.

Speed Matching with Dec Pro.

Use Slipping not Stall Current

How about a video visit to NCE?

Dec Pro without reading a CV.

Decoder types/sizes

Manuals – Systems, Decoder etc

Dec Pro HELP for Power Cab/USB.

NCE decoders at NCE.

Power Pro Current EPROM – Mar07 

NCE USB Interface -Setting Jumpers

Left & Right Rail in DCC

Procab Frozen Display & no control

Troubleshoot Dec Pro for NCE. 

NMRA DCC Ready Plug

The system doesn’t start up.

Reading QSI CVs & Decoder Pro