Tony Newton

Currently of Sydney's Penrith area, has been writing & working on the characters he created for SuburbanKnights since high school. A uniquely creative mind, Tony was the driving force behind the creation of Foolproof (along with it’s continued existence) and remains its most enthusiastic member. He holds a Diploma in Cartooning and Illustration & ventures into the realms of writing & cartooning to deliver his more bizarre tales including The GRU Crew, Turkey Squad and others under fictionym.comics. His writing achievements include 2 full Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books & various poems he publishes in fictionym anthologies.


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Tanya and Owen Nichols
Tanya is a prolific writer and illustrator of novels and comic books. Tanya is best known for the "Jaeger" series of comic books - a roller coaster ride through the bizarre world of a vampire hit man and his encounters with other vampires, werewolves, demons, gods, and mere mortals. She also has 2 sci-fi novels available in electronic form, over 40 unpublished full-length novels and has produced a comic taking an off-beat look at pregnancy.

Tanya has produced the artwork for Classical Hermetic Magic: Everyday Empowerment, and illustrates selected articles for Spheres magazine. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at New South Wales University, and has attended various writing courses since 1989. Tanya lives in Sydney with her husband Owen, where she is a partner in Storm Publishing.

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Hayden Fryer

Hayden is the creator of the underground Australian comic series "Billy: Demon Slayer", "FORCES" and co-created the infamous series of shorts called "Nothing Serious" with the illusively dubious Guy Dernee.

Born and bred in the land of Oz, he current resides in the wintery goodness that is the Blue Mountains. Inbetween growing extra fingers and scribbling away at his drawing table, he likes to take short walks off long piers.

Or Here:

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Shannon Browning

Sensational artist/creator behind STAB Comics, Shan is one of the few Australian artists who actually still use brush & ink. Has published WELCOME TO WOODVILLE & plans many more. Is also an avid short film buff & working together with Tony Newton of Foolproof Comics on GHOSTBUSTERS OZ

Here: STAB Comics
& here: Swashbuckler Studios
and here: Ghostbusters OZ !!

He is also onboard for OZSLAUGHT!

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Daniel Elliott
Gerkinman was a successful character created by the cartoonist Daniel Elliott.
Originally the star of a series of flash cartoons found on a small number of sites Gerkinman for a while gained "internet celebrity" status, becoming an icon for online Australian animation. These days Daniel spends his time working on comics for print, as well as "Gerkinman the live action series" through his website.

Here: Nimbin Industries

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