Saturday Morning Mens Lawn Tennis Association

"The best tennis competition in South Australia".

If you love competition tennis, and
- you love playing on lawn, and

- you live in Adelaide, and

- you are all male . . .

. . . then this is the competition for you.

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 The 2021-22 season starts on:

Saturday, 23 October 2021.

Are you ready?


Update 19-Nov-2021  2:30pm
Weather this Saturday
The forecast for tomorrow now indicates a reduced chance of rain.

There is still a reasonable chance of some rain early, but improving.  Please be patient and complete matches if possible.

Watch this space for any updates.

* * *   PROGRAM UPDATES  -  15 Nov 2021   * * *

Division 4 - Woodville Orion GREEN (team #3) is now a BYE.
DELEGATES - please ensure all relevant captains and players know.

Tranmere Matches at Kensington Gardens
Please note - Tranmere has one match played at Kensington Gardens most weeks.
Click HERE for Matches at Kensi.

Update 30-Oct-2021
The 2021-22 Season
This season we we welcome back an "old" club to Saturday Morning - The Grange Lawn Tennis Club. The club was established in 1940 and was an original member of SMMLTA until the mid 1980s. Have a great season guys!

The Program of matches for the season is now on the  Downloads page.


REMEMBER - make sure matches start on time:
     - 8:30am - get to the venue for hit-up.
     - 8:45am - Start the match. (If you are late, no hit-up).
     - 9:00am - Forfeits can be claimed.

State League and Metro League Div 1 Players must play Div 1
It has come to our attention that State League and Metro League Div 1 Players
have occasionally filled in for Div 2 teams.
Clubs, Captains and players are reminded that we have a rule that players playing or registered in this level of competition MUST only play in our Div 1.

to do your COVID-19 check-in at the club where you are playing and don't forget your social distancing.
Good luck.



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