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Melbourne, Australia

Living Word

Sample episode of Living Word.

We have a sample episode of "Living Word" with Pastor Chris Field posted here in RealPlayer
The topic is "Receiving from God"
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Saturday at 1:30pm

This is a Christian program produced by Chris Field.

Chris Field, producer and presenter of the popular Living Word TV program is a Melbourne based pastor and Bible teacher. Chris has produced a variety of TV programs since Channel 31 was launched in 1994.

Living Word is one of the very few original programs on Channel 31, making Chris Australia's most experienced Community TV producer and presenter. That's quite an achievement.

The Living Word TV program is produced at Chris' own expense and he does not ask for financial support on TV. He values prayer support, encouragement and testimonies of people touched by the program.

If you have been blessed by watching Living Word please post your testimony in
our guestbook, or email it to Chris.

For more information you can contact Chris at

Since 29/5/2002