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These pages are the thoughts I have recorded during Bible study over a number of years. I have tried to understand the Bible on its own terms, while reading it to make sense to me. My assumption has always been that it is the Word of God, meaning that it is the message intended for humanity and that it is inspired, i.e. it contains a wisdom and breadth of knowledge not available to human intelligence. So its ideas are not always immediately accessible to my limited mind. The Bible needs to be mined for its treasure to be revealed, and I can expect to fail in some cases to find the important truths contained in the passages I look at. But it's worth making the effort; maybe you will find something I miss.

Most of the notes are commentary style, i.e. I have read the Bible sequentially and tried to understand whatever I found. These notes are meant to be read with the Bible open at the relevant passage, and the passage read and thought about before my ideas are read. If you have any thoughts, objections or extensions to what I've written, please email me.

Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous thing from Your law.

I refer to the original languages in places. Sometimes they elucidate the meaning or help distinguish between different interpretations of the English. But most of the important thoughts from the Bible are couched in sufficiently universal language for those who don't know the languages to appreciate the Bible.

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