Stamps and Nonsense

by Pauline Laing

Welcome to my now quite well-established web site. This is a personal site, non-commercial and with no ads. Nothing will pop up, and everything should be family friendly. There are a few links to the people that make or sell items I've used - as a courtesy to them.

The topic of this site is Rubber Stamping, a fun craft that inspires a lot of people these days to do something other than watch TV. Yay! It's all original and all my own work, except as shown. I hope you find something useful, entertaining or fun.




Who am I?

I'm Pauline Laing from Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for looking...

I used to have a photo of me looking frazzled. Here's me happily sipping a cup of coffee in a cafe in Paris. Really! Now THAT is relaxing!

I sometimes sell things on Ebay. Have a look here just in case there is some crafty thing I've finished with that you would like.

My old web site is still at this address ... hush, it doesn't know I'm moving. I won't be updating anything there, and all new stuff will be coming here. One day the old site will just disappear without trace. We'll cope.

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