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Bevan - The Musical - Part 1

  (Although this is not a Tripod song, I have put it in for the sake of completeness. Many thanks to Megs for these lyrics).
Pete: Welcome, this is Bevan the Musical. It is a journey, a celebration of one man's life. The rise, the fall, the rise again of Bevan Addinsal from Young Talent Time. There will be tears, there will be laughter... hopefully... but ultimately this is a tale of triumph, of one man's courage, determination and fashion sense against the odds. And what is a musical without that huge opening number?
Gatesy: Oooooooooooooo, I'm searching for a better guy,
  Whooooooooooo'd look good in a pink jacket with a skinny tie.
  Must be there, you know he's got to be there, yeah Bevan.
  Yeah, Bevan here.
  I just wanna look at his face...
Pete: Now, every story has a beginning, just like every rose has a thorn, just like every night has its dawn, just like every cowboy sings it. Okay, we're getting sidetracked here.
  Now, Bevan was just a normal kid, dreaming of singing, dreaming of dancing, dreaming of not being a normal kid anymore. Then one bright summer's day, a mysterious stranger arrived on Bevan's doorstep with an opportunity of a lifetime. That stranger was Johnny Young, being played today by NoiseWorks' John Stevens, who is being played by Gatesy from Tripod.
Gatesy: Take Debbie Burn away from me,
  'Cause I can't use her anymore.
  She's getting too old for YTT,
  Now I'm knocking on Bevan's door.
  I... I... I... I'm knock, knock, knockin' on Bevan's door,
  Knock, knock, knockin' on Bevan's door.
Pete: Bevan was an instant hit with the YTT fans. The combination of the blonde tips, the lemon slacks and the high-pitched melodies was a ratings winner. Fame and fortune beckoned, but fame and fortune plays with a young man's head, and the only thing more rapid then a rapid rise is the rapid fall, with the possible exception with the lethal weapon ride at the Hollywood on the Gold Coast. The pressure was on our budding hero, it seemed everyone wanted a slice of Bevan.
Gatesy: Oh shining star is rising,
  Get your slice of Bevan, yeah!
  For his fans there's no compromising,
  Get your slice of Bevan, yeah!
Pete: It got to the stage where even Bevan's closest friends doubted him. In this next powerful scene, Joey confronts Vince in a dimly lit channel 10 canteen in Nutawaning, beside the coke machine. Joey Paroni is played in this scene by Nathan Cavilary, who is being played by Gatesy from Tripod.
Gatesy: Would you feel the same if you saw me with Bevan?
  Would it affect my fame if you saw me with Bevan?
  I must be strong,
  And sing along,
  'Cause I know there's still a future,
  Here for Bevan!
Pete: It was time for the Young Talent Time team to get behind Bevan. It was make or brake. It was time for Bevan to find out who his real friends were. The Young Talent Time team voted. It was almost unanimous. Tina Arena voted no, but the rest of them all wanted Bevan. Bevan's future was now assured.
Gatesy: Johnny, the line up's never been worse,
  So we think Bevan has a place on earth.
  Johnny, you think maybe Danny comes first,
  But we think Bevan has a place on earth.
Pete: Peace was now restored to Channel 10's Young Talent Time, also to earth. Bevan was back, bigger, better and with those lemon slacks he was definitely brighter, then ever before. It was Bevan's time! This has been Bevan the Musical!
Gatesy: Now they're buying a stairway to Bevannnnnnnnn...