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Why this website?

A couple of  years ago, having become 'empty nesters', we began to search for places to listen and dance to rock'n'roll, the music of our misspent youth.

It took quite a while to discover that there is a vibrant rock'n'roll subculture in Perth.  By rock'n'roll we mean the whole spectrum of related genre - swing, rockabilly, jive, pub-jive, boogie woogie, jitterbug, ceroc, lindy hop or whatever dance you do when you hear Rock around the Clock.

There are many hard working people out there teaching and organising dances and social gatherings. Almost every day of the week you can take in a dance lesson or go to a dance at a local pub or bowling club.

But for anybody new to the scene - be it baby boomers trying to relive their BC (before children) period, or young kids interested in learning a bit of swing or rockabilly - trying to find out what's happening in Perth is far from easy. This was an attempt to put it all together. Keep in mind it's a work in progress, and the more you contribute the richer the site will be.

What's in it for us?  

A lot of hard work. But having put on dances and other events ourselves in the past, we know how much work is involved in organising venues, bands and setting up, let alone cleaning the toilets @ 2am when the one thing you'd rather be doing is hitting the sack like all the others who attended the function.

We love dancing and music with a beat. From a completely self-centred point of view, we want the Perth rock'n'roll scene to continue to thrive, so we can die with our dancing shoes on, rockin'n'rollin', not on our front patio in rocking chairs watching others live life to the full.

Perth is lucky - we have an amazing array of high quality bands that are as good, if not better, than anywhere else. We'd like to see them have the opportunity to earn a good living at their music. Also Perth venues supporting rock'n'roll dancing need to make a decent income from featuring rock'n'roll bands where the dancers drink mainly soft drinks and water (as it's hard to dance rock'n'roll @ 180 beats a minute if you're drunk), or they'll move over to featuring bands that attract the 'teabag dancers' who can still dance when tanked.

So you could say, our primary motivation is selfish, as we'd like to continue our current lifestyle for as long as we're alive and capable.

What it's given back so far?

A lot of support from the dance and music community...and a little aggravation from the moaners. But, having been involved in organizational things in the past, we know you'll never escape the few whingers, who, no matter what you do, will always have a negative comment.

About us  


When not dancing in Bohemian Chateaux in the Czech Republic or Las Vegas, wrestling tigers in Thailand, playing with pandas in China, wandering through the ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru, scaling the spiritual heights of Corcovado  in Rio, or discovering antiquities in Egypt, we're enthusiastic rock'n'rollers.


As is apparent, despite age and infirmity, we're still reelin' and rockin',  even if we've had to modify moves to suit handicaps and recurrent injuries.


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