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The Roadmasters - Route 66

The Roadmasters - Key to the Highway

Summer Swing Smackdown 2013

Darling Buds of May - Summer Swing Smackdown

Kathy & Alan's Rockabilly Birthday Circle

Rockabilly Rampage -  dance comp, fashion

Rusty Pinto Combo @ the Mustang Bar

Amber Foxx, Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies with Jamie Nicol

Harry DeLuxe & The Pistol Packin' Daddies 
@ -
the Mustang Bar

Harry DeLuxe & The Pistol Packin' Daddies 
@ -
the Mustang Bar

Rockabilly Dance Circle @ RJ60th
@ -
the Mustang Bar

Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies
@ -
the Mustang Bar

Amber Foxx @ The Mustang Bar

The Rusty Pinto Combo @ - the Mustang Bar

Swing into Spring - 2012 Kings Park Festival - Adam Hall and The Velvet Playboys and The Metro Swing Band

The Rumble Round One with  The ReChords, The Waltones and Mama Reds Malt Licker Minstrels

Vicky Lee, Billy Higginson & The Outback Band 
the Harvey Dixon Country Music Show

The Vibrolators  @ Perth Blues Club

Rusty Pinto Combo @ Perth Blues Club

Milton Q
@ Coventry

The Burger Kings
@ Mustang Bar

Harry's Shiraz Cabaret @ Streetside Speakeasy

A Saucy Little Secret @ The Ellington Jazz Club

Si Cranstoun - "Twistin' the Night Away" + "Reet Petite" at Viva Las Vegas 15
(joint production Gatorrock787 & Perthrocks)

Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies
@ The Mustang's 4th July Party

Renegade @ Woodvale

The Alley Cats and dancers @ The Mustang Bar, Northbridge

Noreen's Birthday  @ The Mustang

Milton Q & Texas Down Under @ The Piazza, Northbridge

Summersun Dance Competition Heat @ The Lynwood Arms

Johnny Law & Jon Matthews  @ Boyup Brook

Rusty Pinto & The Alley Cats @ Big Al's Poker Run

The Sunsets (a UK Band) @ The Lynwood

Summersun Dance Comp Heat 1

The Flying Doctor Rock'n'Roll Bush Dance
@ Gidgegannup with Indiana

Lucky Seven @ The Mustang Bar

Lucky Seven @ The Mustang

Summer Swing Smackdown

The Stars of WA Rock'n'Roll @ The Swan Yacht Club

Rockabilly Tribute @ Mustang Bar

The Yeomen, Fossil Rock & Dancers

Rusty Pinto Combo & Dancers @ The Mustang Bar

Dancers @ The Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular Sunday with Marco & The Savage Guns.

Channel 7's Today Tonight program - Perth After Dark

Johnny Law and The Pistol Packin' Daddies

David Bertiz with The Pistol Packin' Daddies @ The Mustang Bar

Ron & Cass @ Dudley Park

Val's Bash with  Big Bopper & The Hep Cat

Bunbury Rock'n'Roll Club Dance

The Beatles Tribute Show with The All Star Showstoppers

VJ's High School Hop with The Zodiacs

Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies  @ The Mustang

Jamie with Rusty Pinto Combo

Rusty Pinto Combo @ Mustang

Friday 13 with Harry Deluxe @ Mustang

Rusty Pinto Combo @ Fremasons Hotel Geraldton

Steve's Birthday with The Roadmasters @ Mustang

The Firemen's Ball with Fossil Rock and The Yeomen

The Savage Guns @ The Mustang Bar

Marco & The Rhythm Kings @ The Mustang Bar

Jamie Nichol with Marco & The Rhythm Kings @ The Mustang Bar

Summersun Dance Competition Showcase -
Cheryl  & Steve

Summersun Dance Competition Showcase -
Lifts (junior & senior)

Summersun Dance Competition Showcase -
Marilyn & Ashley

Summersun Dance Competition Showcase -
Shaun and Carol

Summersun Dance Competition Finals - Triples

Summersun Dance Competition Finals - Swing & Jive

Big Al's Poker Run & Rock'n'Roll Party 
The Roadmasters

Harry Deluxe with The Roadmasters

Mad Hatter's Rock'n'Roll Party

Flood Relief Concert @ Burswood Theatre

Rockin' Ronnie @ Murphy's Irish Pub, Mandurah

Chain Reaction and The Troupadores New Year's Day
Shelley Foreshore

Marco & The Rhythm Kings NYE @ The Mustang Bar

Marco & The Rhythm Kings @ The Mustang Bar

The Magnificent Seven @ Swan Yacht Club

The Roadmasters @ The Mustang Bar

The Continentals @ The Mustang Bar

Harry Deluxe @ The Mustang Bar

Hot August Weekend @ the Wokalup Hotel

All Stars @ the Charles Hotel Perth 6 August 2010

VJs XMas in July Rock'n'Roll Dance -One Way Street
& DJ Brian

Fossil Rock & Cyclone Tracee - @ Swan Yacht Club

Harry DeLuxe and The Rechords @ Wintersun 2010

Mustang Bar 4 July 2010

Blazin' Entrails @ Mustang Bar

The Very Best of Wintersun

The Cat's Meow @ Swan Hotel

Vivian Marlowe Burlesque @ Swan Hotel

Big Horney Band & Debbie Gamble @ Swan Yacht Club

Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies @ Mustang Bar

Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies @ Mustang Bar

The Burger Kings @ Mustang Bar

Marco & The Rhythm Kings @ Harry's Bar

Rusty Pinto Combo @ Deville's Pad

Rusty Pinto Combo @ Deville's Pad

Rusty Pinto Combo @ Deville's Pad

Rusty Pinto Combo & Burlesque @ Deville's Pad

Rocket To Memphis @ Deville's Pad

Marco & The Rhythm Boys @ Deville's Pad

The Roadmasters & Hilton Park Bowling Club

Marco & The Rhythm Kings @ The Mustang Bar

Scarborough Retro Rock 2010

Rock'n'Roll Triples Dance Demo  @ The Scarborough Retro Rock 2010

Rock'n'Jive Charity Rock'n'Roll Dance

The Crawdads UK group @ The Mustang Bar 2 Jan 2010

Alby & Melody Pool from NSW @ The Mustang Bar 2009


Rockabilly with Rusty & the Dragstrip Trio @ NYE 2009  Mustang Bar

Rockabilly with The Continentals @ Mustang Bar

Rockabilly with Rusty on NYE 2007 @ Mustang Bar

Perth Rocks 2nd year Celebration @ The Mustang Bar

Rockabilly John's Birthday Rock'n'Roll Dance Circle @ The Mustang Bar 9 November 2009

Rockabilly with The Rough Housers
Deville's Pad

The Renegade @ The Boat Mindarie

Mustang Bar 10th Birthday Party

100% Cliff Richard Show

Rockabilly dancers @ Wintersun 2009

Bernard's Birthday Bash @ the Mustang Bar

Fr Brian Morrison Benefit
with Les Meade, Peter Andersen, Kelly Green, Brenton Fosdike, Wayne Pride, Peter Dee

Charles Hotel

The PNF Fundraiser
Astor Cinema

The Ultimate Tribute Show - Sir Cliff, The FabFour and Jumping Jack Flash @ Charles Hotel

The Zodiacs Dance
Osborne Park Bowling Club

4th July @ Mustang Bar
Rusty Pinto Combo - The King of the Jungle

4th July @ Mustang Bar with - The Continentals, Rusty Pinto Combo and Sugar Blue Burlesque

 Normie Rowe with Cyclone Tracee and Fossil Rock
@ The Swan Yacht Club

Flashback @ Belmont RSL June 2009

Dennis Knight & Red Hot Chicken Feathers
@ Wintersun 2009

High Rollin' Rhythm Kings @ Wintersun 2009

Mr Rock and Mr Soul @ Wintersun 2009

The Satellites @ Wintersun Rockabilly Jamboree

The Satellites @ Wintersun Rockabilly Jamboree

Rusty Pinto Combo @ Indie Brewhouse

Luis and the Wildfires
@ Wintersun 2009 Rockabilly Jamboree

Riding on Elvis: Advice for the Single Guy
Las Vegas 2009

Blue Denim: A Medley of Red-hot Rockabilly
Viva Las Vegas 2009

Disneyland for Grownups:
A Snapshot of Las Vegas 2009

Big Elvis Show
Las Vegas 2009

Cash O'Riley @ Viva Las Vegas 2009

Blue Denim @ Viva Las Vegas 2009

Sixties Mania @ The Sahara Las Vegas 2009

Vargas Brothers @ Viva Las Vegas 2009

Neil Morrow and Buzz Campbell
@ Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon Las Vegas 2009

HotDogs Dance Demonstration

Perth Nostalgia Festival @ South Perth with
the Royal Navy Swing Band and the Zodiacs

The original "Rockabilly Rebel"
Graham Fenton and the Wild Bunch

@ the Irish Club

Retro Beach Party - Sorrento with
Rusty Pinto Combo & Jus Jump

Rusty Pinto Combo @ the Mustang

Scarborough Beach Retro Rock 2009

Fundraiser @ Sherlock's 
with the High Rollin' Rhythm Kings & guests

Perth Mardi Gras Blues & Jazz Festival 2009
featuring Charlie Brown Brass Band & Rick Steele

NYE'09 with The High Rollin' Rhythm Kings
with Coo Bennett and Mark Gordon

The Firebirds @ the Sherlock's Tavern

The Burger Kings @ the Mustang Bar

Mickey V & the Cocktail Cowboys at
the Deville's Pad

Deb & Cam's PIRATES & WENCHES Dance  
with High Rollin' Rhythm Kings

Perth Nostalgia Festival Fundraiser @ the Astor - Rock'n'Roll Dance Challenge Circle

Perth Nostalgia Festival Fundraiser @ the Astor -
Snapshot of whole event

Tornado Alley Cats and Dancers @ Burswood Hot Rod Show 2008

Indigo Duck  @ the Mighty Quinn

Rocket to Memphis She's my Witch @ Deville's Pad

Rocket to Memphis Jazz Butcher @ Deville's Pad


Cadillacs & Rock'n'Roll  Wintersun 2008

Wildfire Willy & the Ramblers  Wintersun 2008

The Last Chance  Wintersun 2008

Wanda Jackson  Wintersun 2008

Blue Denim  Wintersun 2008

Matman's "The Legends of Rock and Roll"
Wintersun Festival 2008

Phil Haley and His Comments Wintersun 2008

Hop Skip and a Jump - High Rollin' Rhythm Kings with Coo Bennett @ Deville's Pad

Jump for Joy @ Deville's Pad. A benefit concert with Rusty Pinto, High Rollin' Rhythm Kings, Rocket to Memphis, Mark Gordon and Harry DeLuxe - 10 July 2008

Peter Busher and The Lone Rangers
the Mustang Bar

Eagle Rock and Crazy Little Thing Called Love,
Chain Reaction
@ the Claremont Football Club

Buddy Holly Lives! Tribute Show
Oh Boy!
, Felix Potier and his 'Crickets' really  Rave On @ the Deville's Pad

Frenchy's Cabaret Restaurant - Kelly Green & Brenton Fosdike Duo

Great Balls of Fire @ Deville's Pad - Jerry Lee Lewis Tribute Show - Peter Stone

Freestylers Dance School -
West Coast Swing demonstration

The Zodiacs
Roll Over Beethoven & Little Sister @ VJ's Dance Belmont

The Yeomen
Shakin' All Over & I Got a Woman @ the Quinn

Felix Potier & the Soda Rockets
Roll Over Beethoven @ the Blue Suede Dance

Felix Potier & the Soda Rockets
Little Queenie @ the Mustang Bar

Cyclone Tracee & Fossil Rock 
I've Got You Babe @ the Quarry

Fossil Rock 
Put on Your Dancing Shoes @ the Quarry

Cyclone Tracee & Fossil Rock 
Honky Tonk Woman @ the Quarry

Cyclone Tracee (Morrison) 
Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz? @ the Quarry

Peace Love and All That Stuff
Can't Get No Satisfaction @ the Dianella Hotel

Rocket to Memphis No Kissing at the Hop @ the Mustang

Rocket to Memphis @ the Mustang

Peace Love and All That Stuff
Boppin' the Blues @ the Dianella Hotel

The Tornado Alley Cats @ the Sunset at Subi

The Yeomen @ the The Mighty Quinn
The Roadmasters @ the Happy Days dance

The Roadmasters @ the Happy Days dance II


High Rhythm Rollin' Kings @ the Mustang

Blue Suede January '08 Dance - Soda Rockets

Rockabilly demo

Freestylers demo

All together now ...

Gaolhouse Rock Dance
Fremantle Jail 2007

Dance competition 2005


Rock'n'Roll dancers at the Hot Rod show at Burswood 2007 - day 2 (thanks David)


Rob & Julie Rock'n'Roll dance demo at Lynwood Arms Hotel - February 2006 (thanks David)


Competing in Freestylers Rock'n'Roll competition in Perth in August 2007 (thanks David)

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