Peter and Lucy Chubb's Web Site

Here you can find Lucy's and Peter's web sites.

This page is about our family and interests.

Our Church

The University Church (UNSW) has five congregations, and my family was a member of the newest one, the commUNIty Bible Church, which met from Sunday 9 February, 2000, to the end of 2005 in the Macauley theatre on campus at UNSW.

For various reasons, the congregation was closed down just before Christmas, 2005; we are now members of St John's Maroubra; the website there is pretty minimal; but Lucy is probably going to do something about that.

St John's is currently without a fulltime minister; Bill Dumbrell preaches most Sunday mornings; but a new minister will be starting in April.

Our Work

Both Lucy and Peter currently work with the Gelato@UNSW part of the Gelato federation.

Our Children

We have two (not so) small daughters: Emily (born 1999.08.31) and Rose (2001.04.17). These glorious girls take up most of our time and energy at the moment.
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