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Challenge To Servant Leaders
Here is the letter I sent by email to over 800 church leaders world wide, with varied response:
Dear Sir/Madam/All/Fellow Travellers
Greetings, and peace to you! May your love light shine brightly! I hope that you will find my artwork/attachment of value, so that you will forgive my unannounced intrusion into your busy schedules. 
I have been a member of the Presbyterian Church, and the Uniting Church. 
In the years since I have done much soul searching, and commenced my labour of love "Peace and Harmony" artwork which co-incidentally was completed on the 11th September 2002. I had wanted to complete it as a 21st birthday present (21st Sept) to wish the recipient "good wishes" and "all the good things of life" i.e. "all of life's blessings". 
This took me more than 100 hours to complete, probably not counting my research of the words, Chinese Character translations, and symbols, and certainly not counting the time I have taken to set out the keys for understanding this "Word, Character, and Symbol Picture Puzzle", since.
The "Figure of the Universal 'Man' ", came to me late one night (i.e. early morning) in January 2003 as I felt consumed with rage over the fact that I was looking after someone else's beautiful child (about to turn 18), thrown out of home by so called 'Religious' and 'Christian' parents, because of his "coming out" (a matter of being honest and being true to himself/honouring the work of his Creator, and growing up) issue. I was inspired by the long hours I had already spent on my "labour of love", and truly believe that this comes from our God Creator as my own Pentecost experience.
I wanted to find a way to speak to the parents (I'd never met any of them before), but without anger, and offering a gift of healing.
Once commenced, it was finished with hardly a pause or alteration, and fully typed within 48 hours. The young man (who is deeply religious) has given the gift, is speaking to the parents again, though the road is still rocky, and he is living responsibly with others around his own age (a little older), and supporting himself now (having done well in Year 12, and having obtained a job!).
I would like to share all these good things with you, your students, and members of your church, as I will be sharing it also (progressively)(this also is my labour of love!) with other faiths, with the object of bringing true peace and harmony into the world.
I am a former Australian National Service Conscript, and have concluded over 58 years of life experiences, that there is no such thing as a "Holy" war. All war is an abomination, and I believe is closely linked with racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia, homophobia, bigotry, religious intolerance etc, all of which are based on fear and ignorance, which leads to hate and destruction.
There is no hate in love. I believe that Jesus spoke only of love and respect, and I trust, hope and pray that this is also your position.
The attachment should print 15 pages all related to the picture on page 1. Please feel free to print/share all/part of this as you wish for reflection and discussion, as I feel that much can be learned by looking at all aspects of the picture. I pray that you will, and do so enthusiastically.
May your love light shine brightly (leaving fear, ego, and the blame and shame game behind) so that all of life's blessings may be yours!
Best regards
Donald Chalmers
PS: Not all of the material is mine, it includes several pieces from (I think) wise authors/interpreter unknown - including the Prayer of Jesus - which I've collected over the years.
I did not get many responses (half were "for", and half "against", and most of the latter vehmently so!), but the following from my "best critic" should suffice as a reference, for it did at least recognize my artwork, and the love that went into its creation:
“ Thank you for sending your philosophy of life. May God bless you with the overwhelming Grace of Jesus Christ….As an artist myself I am very impressed with your work and its depth of meaning. I comment as follows because you say you are a Christian and as a Christian brother I comment in love. .... Also, your prayer seems to be the same as the heretical Matthew Fox's Lord's Prayer form the NZ Book of Common prayer. Both these perspective are not only New Age but fly in the face of Divine Revelation; Jesus is the only…. In fact, Saint Paul taught against it…. If we cannot correct in love, then we have no love really*…..Regardless of my comments and my view that your philosophies seem to be based on a new age gnosticism, I bless you for your sincere love and concern. I also bless you for your faithfulness to your insights and artwork, which in spite of its new age tone, is simply brilliant with amazing depth of meaning.”                          
* On this, at least, we agree !

I Have been to my local Islamic information centre asking for information, and was told "Islam is a religion of peace" (I agree with this direction). When we discussed the matter of hermaphrodism, I was told "that would be a very special case, and would have to be ruled upon" (by men?!)(after inspection?!)(I advised that I had not asked to see the "evidence", because that was none of my business!). But, they said, "in the case of a woman who wants to be a man, or vice versa, the punishment is whipping and stoning". I didn't need to ask the question about homosexuality!
However, I am sure that this is only one of many views in Islam (I just happened to reach out to a fundamentalist branch, where the men MUST have a beard, and the women MUST wear neck to ankle protective clothing, and head coverings, etc, to be TRUE followers of Muhammad) just as it is in other religions/governments run amok for their own sake. There is obviously a lot of work still to be done if minorities of any faith/ethnicity/colour/sex/age/ability/persuasion are ever going to be treated as worthy creations of our Creator.
This is the reason that I began my emailed contact with church and other religious leaders in March 2003, and more recently, joined Amnesty International, though for reasons of my health, have been active in a solo capacity, through this website.
I trust that I have reached just the right person or right group through your perusal its contents. Please feel free to copy and/or share any or all of my message, that there is no hate in love.
May all of life's benefits and blessings be yours ! Long may your light shine long !
Have Content, and be Content.
“There is no hate in love”
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