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Manna From Heaven
EDITOR’S NOTE re “Manna from Heaven”:
N.B. The 5555  “Manna from Heaven” quotes incorporate the 3000 quotes from “Unwinding the Wound: Wound Wisdom”
This collection of wisdom quotes has come from a diverse range of people and cultures, male and female, black and white, atheistic and religious, famous and infamous, royal and common, leaders and their partners, and so on. You may recognise some whose mirror is indeed dimly lit, like Socrates, Solomon, Jesus, Paul of Tarsus, and some from more recent times, such as President John F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, novelists etc.
I have deliberately not identified each thought to the person, or highlighted any, as really, these sayings express universal wisdom, which should be available to all, from cradle to the grave, and given equal emphasis. Nor have I slavishly adhered to “exact” wordings, especially if such has fallen out of common useage.
Some of the quotes have come from books, songs, or have been heard on the radio, or T.V., and some I have to admit, come from myself. I challenge you to find one you can absolutely disagree with. All of them hold true, or at least, to a very large extent. I trust you will enjoy this thought provoking challenge.
The great bulk of thinking comes from common folk, and those who have dared to be different, and have lived out their own dream, to be remembered with gratitude by those who follow in their footsteps. These unknown contributors to this universal wisdom deserve no lesser treatment than the others.
I believe that all of the contributors would be pleased to have been able to make a contribution to humanity’s understanding in this combined and expanded work.
Finally, a song which has been remembered by my father for approximately 75 years from early schooldays at Williamstown High School, which sums up, in few words, all of the above (it obviously impacted on his life, and I thank him):
Though folks there be who never foresee
That the future holds anything pleasant:
Who grimly cast their eyes on the past
And gaze all aghast on the present.
The golden rule for sage or fool
And prince and poet and peasant:
Is come what may at work or play
To live, just live, for today !
(In the present, with the future in mind*) !
* is my addition
A golden rule indeed!     May all of life’s blessings be yours!     Long may your light shine long!
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