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Peter’s gone Out and Prince’s Engorge
While I was in Rome, I Looked for Your Home. 
But Found there Instead, Instead of a Shed, 
And at the very Seat of Saint Peter, 
A Palace, a Bloody Great Palace, filled with 
Gold and much lucre filthy ! 
Now Tell Me, What Has All That Got to Do with the 
Mission of Saint Peter ! For Christ's Sake ? 

Life is Meant to be Lived with Wholesome Intent, 
And with Goodness and Productivity as Your Only Goal - 
Not to Waste and Pillage, Pilfer and Steal, 
All things Good, which are Meant to be Shared, 
And Laid By in the Larder, for Bad Times Ahead ! 

When I'm Awakey, You'll Hear me Speak Plainly - 
of Popes and Blokes, like 
Osama Bin Laden and the so-called “Great” Intifada, 
Through so-called “Holy” Jihad, 
Which Reminds Me of Protestant Prick Paisley, 
Who with Hitler and Stalin will Stand 
With Blood on His Hands! 
Paisley and Pope all Nasty and Ghastly 
Are as Rabid and Racist as Rabid Islam ! 
And how about all those Jews and some Others who 
Think There are No Others ? And Don't Forget our Own Uncle Sam ! 

Tallow the Callow, Shallow, Callous Fellow, 
Who Hollers as He Wallows and Follows 
All those Others - 
Ageists, and Racists, Papists and Homophobes, 
Bigots and Sexists and Leftists and Loonies, or 
Rightists, Creationists and Religionists, 
And thinks he is the Bestest of All! 

Just who do you think you are, 
Man of Flesh (though better dressed), to 
Judge me, one of your kind, to be 
Of Meaner Mind, of Moron Kind ? 

There are some who Pose, and 
Some who Know, that 
Life’s not a Game, and that 
We’re all the Same ! 

Now and then I lift my Pen to tell of When 
Life was Simple, before a Pimple 
Came out to Grace my Face, 
When I was Ten. 

Why Hate when you Rage against Fate ! 
It's too late to Latch the Gate, turn Tide and Date, 

Fear Not, My Dear, For Love is Here! 
When in Pain, I am Here. 
Gain Love - Love Gain, 
All Yours, Yours All. I'm Here! 
Fear Not, Be Clear, I'm Here, Near, My Dear! 

Love your neighbour at least as much as you love yourselves. 
Share what you have to spare, to show that you care. 
Be generous and caring, and soon we’ll all be sharing – 
And not be stuck in the muck of a rut, and drowning. 

Empathy + Compassion = LOVE 
LOVE + Generosity + Support = Godness = Goodness 
Male = Female = Balance = Equality = Justice 
= God among us, and within us = Goodness = Holiness 
Giving is receiving. 
Now is the only time there is. 
Let us join in Love, Joy and Peace. 
Forgiveness is the way to true health and happiness. 

I - 1 
Me - 1 
You - 1 - One 
We - Us - All - Sum - 
Σ = ∞ = Unity = Community. 
Community  =  Common Unity, which benefits ALL ! 
Common Unity benefits and brings blessings to us ALL ! 
± ± ± ± ±  Σ  -  All as One  -  1 -  One for All  -  Σ  ± ± ± ± ± 
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