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ECCLESIASTES – Encapsulated
(The Wisdom of Solomon, Summarised by Donald Chalmers 2004)
The following is a quotation from the Introduction to the book of Ecclesiastes, as written in the “Good News Bible, Australian Edition 1989”. The book of “Ecclesiastes” (book of Wisdom) names “the Philosopher” as the son of David (Solomon ?!), “King” of Israel, who lived almost 1000 years before Christ, as follows:
“The book of Ecclesiastes contains the thoughts of  “the Philosopher”, a man who reflected deeply on how short and contradictory human life is, with it’s mysterious injustices and frustrations, and concluded that “life is useless”. He could not understand the ways of God, who controls human destiny. Yet, in spite of this, he advised people to work hard, and to enjoy the gifts of God as much and as long as they could.”
I have presented this to you in abbreviated form, and have tried to include all of Solomon’s thoughts, without too much repetition, and having regard to Solomon’s conclusions (as contained in “Proverbs”) discussed earlier, but without quoting Chapter and Verse references. As old men often will, Solomon wonders if life was worth the living. His questions are still just as real to us today, 3000 years later. We must all ponder on these questions if we are to lead a worthwhile and meaningful life, to be remembered with gratitude by those we leave behind to take our place.
Take a look at this common-sense, centrally placed, important, but most neglected book of the Bible!
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