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You are invited to explore things artistic, scientific, spiritual, religious, and philosophical. This wound-wisdom website is presented by Donald Chalmers through his collections, writings, poetry, music and artworks.
Welcome to the Intricate Weaving of Something Beautiful:
Presented by Donald Chalmers 2006.
“There is no hate in love”
Contact Donald Tree of Life, Vietnam, 1969
The "Figure of the Universal 'Man' of No Clan, for All Clans" was inspired by my long and hard labour of love "Peace and Harmony" artwork, pure and simple.
This was competed under the shadow of the September 11 twin tower outrage, but also under the watchful eye of my "Tree of Life", which had entered my heart when I first saw it, as a National Service soldier in Vietnam, 1969.
You may wonder the significance of this tree. It was the largest living organism I have ever seen, if we discount the earth, seas and atmosphere, the sun and the stars etc. Only able to be photographed in its entirety from the top of a small mountain nearby, the tree is an obvious rain-forest relic, and very old. I think about this every day, and hope and pray it has not been felled.
What appears as grass is in fact shoulder height vegetation, tall enough to hide the ox and its' shepherd, also photographed, when I "came down from the mountain". Not long after this, I returned to Australia, freed from my imposed burden, but I never forgot the lessons learned and ingrained as a part of me.
After many years of finding love, and raising a family, I left this secure environment and entered yet another, but more solitary and challenging phase, which has been for me, even more exciting and fulfilling. The wonder of these discoveries now presented as wound-wisdom is, and has been, always available to us:
Dear Readers
Years ago a conference I attended inspired in me a determination not to allow any person or organization to walk over me again, and to take courage, to find wisdom, stamina and fulfilment, through fruitfulness. And to help others find a path to that joyful end, so that together, from  many, we are one.
My path since then has not always been smooth, but then "A path with no obstacles probably doesn’t go anywhere", and "if the going is easy, we may be headed downhill".
I trust that you will find my artworks, writings, poetry and collections contained in a helpful resource. It is free for all to dip into, and I hope that you will recommend it to your friends and acquaintances, irrespective of religion, for in my view "Science is 'how', religion is 'why', and philosophy is the answer !" (Insofar as answers can be found).
The site is meant to be philosophical, rather than religious, and accessable to atheists as well as the religious of all colours and persuasions. I hope it will open minds to the reasoned wisdom of common-sense, without the hindrance of any particular dogma. It certainly comes without any judgement by me (see "Fit, or Unfit"), and is based on Respect.
During my studies of the human condition post 1996 I wanted to know whether I had missed something. I found, on reading what is thought to be Solomon's wisdom in Ecclesiastes, that even 3000 years ago, much wisdom was then and is now available, but seldom dusted off, unfortunately for us all. And what a parlous situation we find ourselves in today, worldwide ! 
How then is it that this book, so centrally situated in the Bible, is so seldom quoted (by the very one's in need of it !) ? For when it comes down to it, "When to our deaths we are lead, it's practice behind, and theory ahead".
Since Philosophy is the love of wisdom, exalted in Proverbs 8 and 9, I have added my encapsulation of Ecclesiastes to the wound-wisdom website, for "The youngest should not refuse philosophy, nor the oldest grow weary of it", and "Affirmation* is greater than prayer".  (*Affirmation affirms and gives thanks for what one already has, a knowledge which stems from self-examination.)
May all of life's blessings (benefits) be yours !
Yours faithfully
Donald Chalmers
Melbourne, Australia 2006