29th August 2004

Well the past week has been pretty hectic but I won't bore you with the gorey details.
I really haven't had much time to devote to the car but I have managed to do a few little things.
I cleaned up the rust on the passengers side.
It's nowhere near as bad as the drivers side.
I cleaned up some of the crappy repairs on the chassis.
A bit of paint now and you wouldn't know.
I got in a couple of things in from ebay this week too.
I'm still looking for a pair of rear window frames.

Kevy and I headed out to have a look at the Jimboomba swap this morning.
What a waste.
I was hoping to see Craig since he has a pair of matched 550 carbs that would sit kinda nice on the new manifold.
There were half a dozen sites there.
I probably expected a little more since it is supposed to go for 2 days.

No really big plans for the car this week since I don't know what is happening in my real life.

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