9th July 2004

Got bugger all done the last couple of days. I haven't left work until late.
The neighbours probably wouldn't appreciate the compressor and power tools blasting through the night.
Since I have a spare carby here I thought I'd just put it on the Polara. Wrong.
It's a Carter so it fits until you want to open the butterflies then it fouls on the manifold. :-
I had a 1" spacer from an experiment ages ago but no idea where the bolts are.
Oh well, I have a spare holley as well but to fit that I'll need a spread/square bore adaptor.
I sent the guys at Californian Speed Supplies an email Wednesday Night.
It turned up Friday COD. Gotta love that. Good prices too.
California Speed Supplies
So I trot down to the Polara with new kit in hand but because of the design of the manifold it won't work.
On a whim I decided to see if the guys at Aussie Auto had the bolts I needed.
I needed some fuel line anyway. Lucky for me they had one hidden behind some other parts.
To get the old studs out though, took me close to two hours.
You wouldn't expect that from something that hasn't moved in 37 years. :)
Tomorrow I start on trying to get the motor running.

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