15th July 2004

Well it really hasn't been the best couple of days.
I have spent the last three days trying to get the firking oil filter off.
I did my normal trick of trying to twist it off just by hand, no go.
Plunged the screw driver into the case andd managed to tear it almost in half.
So I went off to buy an oil filter wrench, never owned one.
I got one of the slip over the top, grippy teethy ones
because of the sway bar it's difficult to get in there.
It just managed to crush it further but no movement.
So the next day I head down to the shop again.
I get one of the screw up strap types. Fumble around getting it around all the junk.
Finally around the base of the filter and tightened up.
It's not slipping, it's tight as, but the filter still refuses to move.
I get out the mallet... a couple of taps later and the strap breaks.
Next day, back down to the shop again and I buy the snazziest fancy tool I can see.
It is the standard style, it has dimpling on the strap, articulated handle, blah blah blah.
It grips, it fits and swivels into places I couldn't imagine and bends.
I did manage to move the car a couple of inches across the driveway with the effort though.
Tomorrow I'm slicing it off with the angle grinder!

And to top all this off I broke the digital camera by dropping it.

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