19th July 2004

Big change of plans at the moment.
I'm going to put a little more work into the Polara.
It's going to be used as a wedding car in October so it's going to get a quick respray.
BitS of the body are coming off at the moment for a clean up and a prep.
Bought a new gun today so that should be sweeeeeeeeeeeet.
I'm also planning to pull the engine out of the Phoenix and dropping it into the Polara.
I have a dual quad manifold coming so that will look rather nice in there.
The Polara engine, although seems fairly strong has baked oil stuck to everything.
The oil isn't flowing through the engine so it's time for a tear down and bath.
I spent the weekend getting ready to pull the Polara engine out.
I hope to have it out by the end of this week so I can paint the engine bay.
Basic Black of course :)
That'll give me next weekend to get to Phoenix engine transferred and hopefully running well.
Big Plans but will they happen?
I might get the chance to have the first week of August off.
That would give me a chance to get a fair bit done.

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