29th July 2004

It's nice to actually get an afternoon off but I wish I had more light.
I borrowed the work camera to get a picture.
My Nikon is going to cost $440 to be repaired. Still trying to work out whether I just get a new one.
On Saturday I cleaned the garage out, two trips worth to the dump.
Quite a bit of stuff went to a family who needed some furniture.
Now a have a little area to work and an area to spray.
On Sunday I managed to get the bumper, boot and bonnet off myself. Damn they are heavy.
Bonnet and boot have been sanded back and prepped for painting.
Managed to fix the boot springs as well.

Today I got to have some fun.
I ripped off the rest of the front of the car. Ripped being the operative word.
When the car was "repaired", front panels have been welded together rather than fixing the panel.
The handy little dremel was pulled out again.
I cut away most of the welds and then separated the panels with a hammer and screw driver.
Very professional :)
I then pulled off the inner and outer guards and the door.
I'm still hoping to pull the engine out this weekend but getting a engine hoist hasn't been successful.
I'll probably hire one for the day just so I can get the engine bay painted and work on the panels next week.
I still might have a chance to have three days off next week.

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