30th July 2004

Ummmmmmmmmm it gets better. :)
I started taking to rest of the panels off the Polara this afternoon.
There don't seem to be too many bolts holding the guard in place.
Where there's missing bolts, there's welds.
I did finally manage to get the rest of the panel work off though.
I'm thinking of striping the chrome off the bottom of the body work.
The clips used to hold it to the body are plastic and so brittle.
I actually finished it before it got too dark so I spent some time cleaning.
I cleaned up some of the build up of crap caught around the body work.
I'll get it all fairly neat and clean before I bitumen it.
I'm getting ready for a big day tomorrow. Elise is heading out with her sister.
Keith is heading over early in the morning to give me a hand.
I'd guess we should be able to have the engine out and a fair bit of the welding done.
I'm optimist we could have the engine bay all cleaned up, repaired and painted by the end of the weekend.
That means I should be able to get the body ready for painting during the week.
What the bet I'll rain all of the weekend. There was lightning around the horizon tonight.
Oh well, bed time and I'll find ou tomorrow.
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