1st August 2004

The weekend wasn't very productive really.
I did a fair bit Saturday morning until I stood and a bit of metal.
I now have two nice puncture wounds and a limp.
Engine is almost ready to be removed, still no luck in getting a hoist.
I had enough other things to finish off this weekend not to worry about that though.
I got a few of the panels cleaned up and bitumened.
The bonnet has had the underside cleaned, prepped and bitumened.
The left guard is a mess. I still haven't finished getting all the bog out of it.
It is an inch thick in parts. It's going to require some serious work.
The right one is a little buckled but in all solid.
I took the chrome off the bottom of the car and I wish I hadn't.
There is a fair bit of work to fix both sides.
Geez rusty metal shreds the crap out of sanding disks :)
I have lifted the car up onto stands to make the work a little easier.

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