9th August 2004

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Now I can start adding in a few little extra bits as I go along.

I managed to get an engine hoist at the local Auto One.
There's a Mopar guy there who always tries his best to find everything I want.
So I usually head over there for all my bits.
I finally go the engine out after a bit of a struggle.
I had the engine ready to come out on Friday evening but because of the dark,
I couldn't see where the engine was fouling up on the body.
A new angle grinder, mine went missing, and a couple of cutting discs,
removed the offending exhaust system and the engine swung free.
I could move the hoist though once it was up as the wheels had sunk into the ground.
I moved the hoist back with the ute and cleaned up and bitumened the firewall.
There's a bit more rust underneath the body.
That means I'll have to remove the interior to weld in a new section into the floor.
Better to fix it than hide it.

Sunday I struggled trying to move the engine around to the side of the house.
The little Corolla ended up saving the day.
I managed to tow it around the side with the Rollie spitting sand all over the place.
I spent the rest of the day sanding back and treating the surface rust and some of the body.

This week is devoted to welding in the repairs.
I'm still thinking about getting the mags in the picture. Mmmmmmmm

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