16th August 2004

What a waste of a brilliant, free weekend.
I even had a willing assistant to give me a hand.
The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky.
The wind was so strong that my portable carport bent.
Keith and I tied it down with wire but the wind was so strong the wire broke.
I could even work under the house because of the wind.
It was stirring the dust up so badly under there it was like trying to work in a sandstorm.
Sunday morning started out so much better.
Kevy and I headed out to a swap meet to have a wee look around.
Craig from C.S.S. was there again so I went to have a look at the dual quad manifold again.
He offered me a sweet deal on it so it's now sitting in my pile of stuff.
I'll have to see Craig again at the next swap for a pair of carbs to go on top.
I found a nice looking air filter to suit today, just waiting to see what it will cost.
By the time Kev and I got back the wind had picked up to be bloody awful again.
Looks like a might have an upholsterer to do the roof.
A friend of a friend wants his apprentice to have a go at doing it.

Notice in the bottom of the picture the Betty Boop door locks. :)

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