Day One: 4th July 2004

Well today I picked up the new Dodge. A real one this time, not a rebadged Plymouth.
Kevy and I gave it a fairly good looking over, picking up on things we missed on our first inspection.
Basically it's a lot better than the pictures looks :)
It seems to have had a fairly heavy impact to the front and pretty badly repaired.
It doesn't seem to have caused any real structural damage though.
There's a fair bit of work to straighten it up and clean up the mistakes.

The roof needs replacing but a new one was supplied. Needs a new grill.
There's a bit of rewiring to do. It needs a new power steering pump.
Needs new ignition, door and boot locks. General bits and pieces.
With a bit of work it should clean up fairly quickly and easily. I hope.

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