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General Information

Use WinTray to save valuable taskbar space.

When the taskbar is clogged with multiple buttons for all those open windows, WinTray can be used to hide them as system tray icons, saving space. Easy access is provided to the hidden windows through hotkeys or their system tray icon (or both).

WinTray can even be set to apply hotkeys and/or system tray icons when it starts up. Use WinTray to save you space and to hide windows from view when they're not needed.

Current Version

1.00 (version history)


A cluttered taskbar...

has its buttons removed and displayed as system tray icons:

WinTray's easy to use interface (click for a larger image):

wintray screen.jpg (54223 bytes)


This program is freeware.

File Information

You will need Visual Basic 6 Runtime files in order to run this program. To unzip the installation file, you will also need an unzipping client, like WinZip.


Please read the Quantrix End User's License Agreement before you download and install this program.

Click here (108KB) to download the zipped program files for WinTray.

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