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3D photos

My rule of thumb is to try and sort pages for this website into their logical spot. Conseqeuntly if you want to find out things to do like bushwalks or cave tours you should look under What To Do. I am breaking my rule with this topic though.

I really enjoy taking photos of the caves and one particular aspect of photography which I feel is quite impressive is 3D photography. Its very easy to do and I'd like to share with readers of this page what they have to do to make their own 3d photos. Its so easy to do you can visit Jenolan and start your collection.

The type of photographs we are going to create are called Anaglyphs. You need red/cyan glasses to see these with although the software I use does permit a number of other types of images to be created - I just prefer anaglyphs. To start therefore you need to get some glasses. Maybe you have some lying around at home. If not you can order them from this website Oz 3d Optics. You can order simple carboard ones or for not much more some more robust plastic ones.

The next thing you need is the software. I can't recommend Stereo Photo Maker highly enough - its free and it will do everything you want. Get it from the Stereo Photo maker website. To really take advantage of the software you will need to download and install one other piece of software called Autopano which you can obtain from this website. You then need to tell Stereo Photo Maker where you installed Autopano using the preferences page as described in this tutorial.

At this point you are probably thinking this is a lot of fiddlng around. Maybe, but the results are worth it. You see the key to making streo photos is correctly aligning the images. Stereo Photo Maker provides good tools to manually do this but it also has an option to automatically do this with great precision - and it uses Autopano to do this.

Now for the photography. Its very simple. Take a photo using a lens around 50mm or greater. Too wide a lens makes for difficult alignment. Having taken one photo take a step to the right and take another photo. Thats it. You are now ready to make your stereo photo. You can refer back to the tutorial pages for Stereo Photo Maker or watch this short video to see what to do.

If you want to experiment here are two images you can use. Just right click and save,

Left Image


Right Image