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Orient Cave Tour

Tour Length : 1.5 hour

Number of steps : 358

Tour Size : 26 people

Click here for a map of the Orient Cave

Difficulty : This tour is reasonably easy with the steps mainly towards the end. Those people who really can't manage them can remain in the second last chamber with the lights on whilst the tour finishes.

General Tips : Many regard this as the most beautiful cave at Jenolan but bear in mind you don't see any rivers. For this reason it is a good idea to buy tickets to see this as well as the Imperial or Lucas.


The Orient Cave is the cave to take overseas visitors to who have seen other caves elsewhere. The Orient tends to be wall to wall decoration and the visitor is overwhelmed by how heavily decorated this cave is. There are a number of steps towards the end but the guides can leave the lights on if someone is physically incapable of doing the last section. The cave was found in 1904 found James Carvosso Wiburd. The original way into the cave was from the Lucas and down into the River Cave before climbing up through a rockpile.

Points of Inspection

Binoomea Cut - In 1954 the Binoomea Cut was hewn from the rock to give easy access to the cave. Binoomea is an aboriginal term used in this region to describe dark holes in the ground.

Batsend Chamber - When groups used to approach from the River Cave large numbers of bats would fly ahead until they reached this area. At this point the only way for the bats to fly was back at approaching tour groups.

Persian Chamber - Many consider this the most impressive chamber of Jenolan. Most of the walls are covered in decoration. The height of the chamber is just over 30m. The tallest stalagmite at Jenolan is contained in this chamber. It is the Pillar of Hercules and is 10m tall. At the base of the chamber is the Curiosity shop which exhibits a wide range of helictites.

Egyptian Chamber - The Egyptian Chamber is actually an extension of the Persian Chamber and is home to the second largest shawl at Jenolan. A hole in the floor gives access to the rest of the cave.

The Jungle - As the tour descends from the Egyptian Chamber a small chamber is passed through known as the Jungle. Legend has it that the discoverer, James Wiburd, could identify a large assortment of animals hidden in amongst the formations. These days the names of these have now been forgotten although it is still a most beautiful area.
The Indian Chamber - This chamber is viewed from two levels. From the top level an excellent view is obtained of the Indian Canopy, the logo of the Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust. In the bottom of the chamber are seen the Crystal Basins which on occasions are filled with water.