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Adventure Tours

Tour Length : varies depending on tour

Number of steps : generally none

Tour Size : usually 12

Difficulty : The most difficult - but thats the point of it.

General Tips : The adventure tours are for people who feel going on any other cave tour is a little tame for them. If you have never done an adventure style cave tour do the Plughole as it is generally regarded as the easiest. Mammoth is the hardest. For all adventure tours it is best to phone ahead and make a booking as often these tours will be booked out on the day you arrive


This tour starts with a short abseil into a doline ( a place where the roof of a cave has collapsed in). From there its a case of crawling, climbing, walking or whatever it takes to get through to the next section. One of the highlights of this cave is the large number of historic signatures written on the cave walls, dating from the mid 1800's. The tour comes out at Ridleys Shortcut in the Imperial Cave.

Aladdin Cave

The Aladdin Cave is a half day trip involving a brief walk up the valley before going underground. A feature of the Aladdin is the amount of beautiful decoration within the cave. Evidence remains of early attempts to try and develop this into a show cave with many decorations behind wire netting. At one point the only way one is to crawl through a tunnel of wire netting. This though does not detract from the beauty of the cave.

Mammoth Cave

True to its name the Mammoth Cave is enormous. So big in fact that there are several different routes the adventure tours can follow and even if you go on every route available you only get to see a small section of the whole cave. The Mammoth Cave tours give you the opportunity to see the underground river at a number of locations although it is usually only inspected at one location per tour. Tours are normally all day and are incredibly satisfying

Wiburds Lake Cave

This is an all day tour which combines the pleasure of an extended bush walk up the McKeowns Valley with a variety of caves along the way. The main caves inspected are Hennings Cave - a series of tunnels with beautiful deocration and Wiburds Lake Cave. After heavy rain this cave can have an extensive underground lake but most times it is dry with a wide variety of passages to explore