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Temple of Baal Cave Tour

Duration of Tour : 1.5 hour

Although not as many steps as the other cave tours, most of the steps occur in only two places and may be challenging for the elderly. Nevertheless, a very beautiful cave and well worth making the effort.


The Temple of Baal is something of an oddity in that whereas the other tours inspect a series of chambers and passages this tour inspects just two, Moloch's Grotto and the Temple of Baal. This may give the impression that little is seen but in fact most people come away totally awestruck by the beauty of the cave. Renown for its displays of helictites and Jenolan's largest shawl, the Angels Wing

Click here to get a map of the Temple of Baal

Click here for a panorama of the Temple of Baal

(Thank you to Peter Murphy for permission to use this link)

Points of Inspection

Moloch's Grotto
One of the most spectacular cave entrances leads down into Moloch's Grotto. The chamber boasts a wide variety of decoration including the only display of cave pearls, or oolites, at Jenolan. A good opportunity to inspect helictites up close is provided.

Temple of Baal
The Temple is one of the largest chambers at Jenolan, being only slighter shorter in height than the Cathedral in the Lucas, but has a far greater volume than that chamber. The Temple is inspected from 5 different vantage points and each stop affords the chance to see something new. Much of the decoration is brilliant orange although the chamber is dominated by the white Angel's Wing. A highlight of the Temple comes in the form of a selection of music which is played whilst inspecting the cave