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Blue Lake Walk

Approximate Duration : 20-30 minutes

Length : 700 metres

Difficulty : This is a very easy walk with minimal steps. If you want you may choose to simply walk down beside the lake and this will entail no steps

General Tips : Do the walk around 9am or 5pm and you may be fortunate to see platypus in the lake.


This walk starts at the Eastern end of the Grand Arch. The path is followed around to the right which skirts around the Blue Lake. This lake was created in 1908 to act as a reservoir for the hydro electricity plant at Jenolan. Proceeding along the path you will eventually come to a sign describing the various reptiles seen at Jenolan. It is usually around this location that the platypus can be seen in the lake.

Beyond this point you will come to the dam wall and for those wanting the simplest of walks this is a good point to turn around. Continuing along the track you will soon arrive at the site of the Leffel Wheel, the original hydro electricity generator. Down a flight of stairs and the path leads to a split. Go downstream a little further and you will come to a small waterfall.

Return to the split and cross to the other side of the river. The path now returns back upstream, eventually encountering the Blue Lake once more as the walker makes their way through a grive of tree ferns. The path leads underneath the road bridge (referred locally as De Burgh's bridge on account of De Burgh being chief engineer at the time of construction) then back to the Grand Arch