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Bush Walks

Most people when they come to Jenolan for the first time only think of going on cave tours. Few seem to realise that the caves are only a small part of the charm of the area. Wandering the reserve can be a very rewarding experience. In fact I find it amazing that even on the busiest days a walk into the bush of a few minutes removes you entirely from the crowds and you have the place to yourself. Here are a few of my favourite walks

Blue Lake Loop

The simplest of the walks at Jenolan, this takes you alongside the Blue Lake and gives a number of beautiful views of the Grand Arch and Carlotta Arch.

Click here to find out more about the Blue Lake Loop

Jenolan River Walk

This starts off the same as the Blue Lake Loop but continues down to the disused camping ground where you then have a choice of return via the road or back the way you came. One of the man made attractions of this walk is the Jenolan Hydro Electricity station and dam

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Carlotta Arch/Coachhouse Loop

This is a unique walk that presents a number of great photographic opportunities. It includes a small section of the Six Foot Track and gives tremendous views of the Coachhouse. One of the best outdoor photos you will get is on this walk - the Blue Lake framed by the Carlotta Arch

Click here to find out more about the Carlotta Arch/Coachhouse Loop

McKeowns Valley/Playing Fields

In my youth this was the walk I would always make a point of doing when I visited Jenolan as I knew that just inside the valley walls ran the northern shown caves. On this walk you'll get to see some cave entrances in the valley walls and cliff faces. Its also a good opportunity to see some local wildlife

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Extended McKeowns Valley

Most people only walk up the McKeowns Valley as far as the Playing Fields (a large paddock). The valley goes much further though but the path becomes indistinct. Nevertheless it is hard to get lost when you stay to the main valley floor. How far you go is up to you and your confidence in the bush

Click here to find out more about the Extended McKeowns Valley

Six Foot Track

Most experienced bushwalkers know about the Six foot Track. This was one of the original access ways to the caves in the late 1800's. It starts at Katoomba and generally three days later you end up at Jenolan. That is unless you try running it as happens each March when they stage the Six Foot Track marathon and times of under 4 hours are the norm.

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