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Carlotta Arch Walk

Approximate Duration :45 minutes approximately

Length : 1 kilometre

Difficulty : This is a moderately challenging walk although if started from Number 2 car park can be much easier as it is downhill

General Tips : You can make a diversion down the steps beneath the Carlotta Arch and see the entrance to the Arch Cave, one of the first tourist caves at Jenolan. It is actually possible to look through and down into the Nettle and then the Devils Coachhouse from this vantage point.


Whilst the walkmay be done in either direction it is easier if done in the direction described here. The walk starts in front of Caves House at the Six Foot Track sign. Follow the path up the valley side from which some of the best views of Caves House and the valley can be gained.

Passing above the bus parking bay the path starts a zig zag up the valley wall. This is probably the most demanding part of the walk. Soon you arrive at the top of the climb and from here a short walk leads you to the Carlotta Arch.

Carlotta Arch is the remanant of an old cave which has long since been eroded away. If you pick your time right you can get a wonderful photo of the Blue Lake framed by the archway.

Continue along the walk and where there is a split take the main route to the left. Follow this a short distance and discover on the left an enormous hole, 10 metres across, technically called a doline. This is the entrance to the Elder Cave where the Plughole tour abseils in.

Return to where the path splits and follow the steps downward to the Devils Coachhouse. There are a number of platforms along the way that give superb views of the Coachhouse. One viewing area is called the Peephole. It is actually a small cave that you can scramble into and look down into the Coachhouse

The path is followed down until it crosses the dry creekbed of McKeowns Creek. Take the turn to the right which leads back into the Coachhouse. If you wish to do the self-guided tour of the Nettle you can follow this path up to the Nettle Cave, otherwise follow the path through the Coachhouse and return to Caves House via the Grand Arch