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A visit to Jenolan usually involves an inspection of at least one cave. It comes as a surprise to many though to realise they can combine their cave tour with a concert. Most concerts occur within the Cathedral chamber of the Lucas Cave. Normally these are scheduled at 4pm on a Saturday although a check should be made with the guides office to verify what concerts are on when. The tour normally is combined with an inspection of the Lucas Cave

Cello / Gypsies Concerts

Georg Mertens-Mousa has been performing at Jenolan Caves since 1997. Each month he performs a cello recital in the Cathedral. He also has a monthly performance with Gustaw Szelski appearing as the Paganini Duo.

Click here to find out more about the Cello and Gypsy concerts


Rhythm Hunters

This is an annual performance in the Grand Arch

Click here to find out more about the Rhythym Hunters

Carols in the Caves

The concert is the most popular of all the performances at Jenolan drawing over a thousand people every year. There are two concerts - an afternoon and an evening performance of which most agree the evening is preferable. These concerts normally occur on the second Saturday in December