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Let me make things clear - I run this site as a hobby. It isn't the official site for Jenolan. I may work there as a casual guide but I can't speak officially for Jenolan Caves. On this page I will give you a variety of options to get in contact

Jenolan Caves Guides Office

Contact these people to check on tours, pricing, etc

Phone 1 300 763311 and press option 2

Use this form to contact the Guides Office

Or write c/- Guides office, Jenolan Caves NSW 2790

Caves House

Contact these people for accommodation enquiries

Phone 1 300 763311 and press option 1

Use this form to contact Caves House

Or write C/- Jenolan Caves House, Jenolan Caves NSW 2790

Jenolan Email List

If you want to stay in touch with Jenolan why not join the email list linked to this site. Its filled with guides, cave explorers, past staff members but mainly visitors who just love the place. Apart from finding out when special tours are on and getting to book before anyone else we organise our on special events plus exchnage information about the caves and their secrets. Click here for more information.

Everything Else

Finally if there is anything I can help you with you in order to get the most out of your visit to Jenolan you can use the form below to contact me. I'm more than happy to advise on any details be they understanding more about the area, what tour may be best for you, or anything else you want to ask

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