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Jenolan is a great place to visit but what if you want to get a bit more involved. Many people find themselves coming back at least once a year, sometimes more. Some people want to find out how to see extra bits of the caves that the average person seldom gets to see. Other people just want to hang out with those cool dudes, the guides. Here are some ideas

Join the Jenolan Newsletter mailing list

I started this list years ago as an adjunct to this website. It started off as a few people who worked there or belonged to the historical society. Over time more people joined. Many people who join just want to hear what we are talking about. Firstly you get emails from people who love the place and want to know more. They may be tourists, or they may be guides, cave explorers or scientists or historical society members. You're free to email as well. Every now and then special events are held so you can do things at Jenolan which the average visitor never gets a chance to.

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Join the Historical Society

The Jenolan Caves Historical & Preservation Society (JCHPS) was formed in the 1970's in response to a threat to destroy the old post office. The post office was saved - its now the museum - and the society has continued ever since. Membership is open to all with a variety of events throughout the year. A quarterly newsletter is produced and mailed out to members. Write to the Secretary C/- Jenolan Caves NSW 2790 for more information or click this link for their website

Join a Caving Club

In order to best manage the caves and the reserve caving at Jenolan is illegal unless you hold a permit and are a member of a recognised caving club. There are many clubs that you can join. Check out the Australian Speleological Federation's website to find one near you. Click here for more information