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Mysteries, Legends and Ghosts

Tour Length : 2 hour (starts at 8pm and returns 10pm normally)

Number of steps : Expect over 1500

Tour Size : 20 people

Difficulty : This tour is likely to be one of the more difficult of the the tours at Jenolan although it is not possible to state exactly. Guides will usually consult with the tour group at the commencement of the tour to determine a combination of caves to show them as part of the night's activity. An example may be to enter via the Orient, descend to the River and exit via the Lucas. Other groups may find themselves journeying to the far (unlit) reaches of the Imperial.

General Tips : This is not a tour for young children as some may find it frightening (face it - most people go on this tour expecting to be scared) as well as finding it tiring, especially after a long day. Bringing nervous whinging children along is a sure fire way to become unpopular with the other patrons of the tour. Also note that children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult. Guides can not act as a child minding service. It is a good idea if dining at Caves House to organise dinner for 6pm and ensure staff are aware you are going on the Ghost Tour.


From the time the caves were found in the 1800's many strange experiences have been reported around them. It is not the place of the tour to say that these experiences are ghosts though. The objective of the tour is to lead visitors about the reserve and the caves, discussing some of the strange experiences and give an insight into what it is like to walk the caves alone, where one's imagination can easily take hold.

Points of Inspection

Guides will usually consult with their groups as to where they may like to go. Depending on other activities occurring at the time which may preclude entering certain parts of the caves, guides will try and help visitors have a memorable experience. Groups may find themselves getting kitted out with miners lamps to see some of the sections of the caves without any electric lighting installed (although no climbing or tight spaces are involved). Other groups may find themselves traversing several caves in the one night. A common part of the tour is a wander around the precinct including Caves House.

Guides incorporate much of the local history into the tours as a way of understanding much of the mystery of the caves.

If you want a taste of what gets discussed on the ghost tour you can download a copy of the book produced by your guide, Rob Whyte just after the tour was started. Click here for the book.