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Hartley Teahouse

Hartley is situated on the Great Western Highway and is the last town passed through before turning off for Jenolan. It is less of a town though and more a scattering of homes and small stores. Of these the Hartley Teahouse is one of those "special" Blue Mountain experiences

You'll usually know you are approaching when you see one of Duncan's, the proprietor's signs out front proclaiming his serious coffee and other wisdoms he chooses to share. The teahouse itself is modern but looking like its been there for ages. A selection of meals are complimented by a number of dressings prepared by Duncan's wife. If you like the dressings the option is there to buy them and they definitely make for a great souvenir.

Out the back of the Tea house is the Aldgate Gallery which house a variety of fascinating works of art including jewelry and The Eccentric Teapot collection.

One of the best ways to make a trip to Jenolan special is to plan to call in for a cake and coffee (ask Duncan for one of his lattes - the webmaster's favourite and when you get yours you'll discover why!).

If the Teahouse doesn't suit your style then there are a number of other options in this region.