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Hi. I'm Rob, and I'd like to be your guide to Jenolan Caves. I love this place and run this website as a hobby so please don't confuse it with the official website for Jenolan, which is

As you explore this site you will discover that Jenolan is more than just caves. Every now and then I'll pop up to pass on what I consider to be some great tips to help you enjoy your stay even more. Why not start by clicking this link to see what everyone is impressed by when they visit Jenolan! (Use your mouse to scroll about)


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Get more involved with Jenolan

Many people come to Jenolan and want to get more involved without becoming a guide. If you want to really immerse yourself in Jenolan why not check out the Jenolan Caves Historical & Preservation Society webpage. Its not a bunch of old dull people - its a group of guides, cavers and people who just love the caves staying in touch and really getting into the caves.

Also you can join our mailing list. Apart from members of the historical society there are many guides on this list as well as active cavers. most though tend to be people who simply find the area fascinating and enjoy hearing list members exchange their thoughts about the caves

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Jenolan Ghost Tour

So many people turn up at Jenolan unaware we have a ghost tour every Saturday night. Then they get disappointed that they have to go home and miss it. They needn't worry - here is a collection of annecdotes I've collected over the years. If you do go on the tour though you'll hear even more because weird stuff just keeps happening at Jenolan!

Brochure Requests

I am forever getting requests from people for brochures. I can't send you a brochure because I just run this site as a hobby. If you want brochures you need to ask for them from the businesses that run the place. To get brochures about the caves, tours, and special requirements, email the Trust by using this link. On the other hand, if you need a brochure on accommodation, email Caves House with this link.

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