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McKeowns Valley Walk

Approximate Duration :3+ hours

Length : 4+ km

Difficulty : This walk can be challenging - it really depends when you've had enough.

General Tips : This description is provided to give an idea of what lays beyond Playing Fields. Walkers should be reasonably confident in their own navigation skills


This walk takes up where the Playing Fields walk ends. Review that walk descirpion to check details

Upon arriving at Playing Fields you will discover a rough road leading along the valley floor. Follow this and at the northern end of the valley it dips down to make a dry creek crossing. Continuing along eventually leads to what is known as Mammoth Flat. Up until the early 1980's this was the camping spot visiting speleologists would pitch their tents. A small spring exists nearby which would provide fresh water although this is not easy to find these days

Beyond this point the track becomes very rough and at times can disappear. Nevertheless the rough direction is to follow the valley floor. A number of times of the valley opens out to reveal a small paddock before once again closing back in again.

Occasionally dolines are passed. These are closed depressions located above cave systems. Eventually a very large clearing is entered which is referred to as Wiburds Flat. At the far end of this is a chimney - all that remains of what is known as Rowe's Cottage. Joseph Rowe was a photographer who worked at the caves, taking photos and escorting tours in the late 1800's. Beyond this point there really is no more path.

It is possible to bush bash but be warned that you are now entering inhospitable country and if you plan going beyond this point you are strongly advised to let someone know your plans.