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Lithgow Mercury April 7th 1916



The palatial three-storeyed addition to the Caves House at Jenolan is rapidly nearing completion and certain of the rooms including the completion and certain of the rooms including the commodious billiard room will be available for use at Easter. The additional accommodation which will be provided when the premises are complete will comfortably house 100 guests. The dining room is of handsome proportions and chaste design. The present lease of the existing premises runs out on June 30 and from the day of its expiry the Caves House - then complete in every detail - will be conducted by the Immigration and Tourist Bureau.

The Public Service Board (Messrs Hanna, Wilshire and Taylor) spent March 30 at the Caves with Mr Palmer, of the Tourist Bureau, when certain matters incidental to the equipment and staffing of the Caves House were dealt with. During the afternoon the board were shown through the recently discovered Orient Cave, which is by experts accorded pride of place for romantic grandeur and weird splendour amongst the mystic subterranean crystal palaces of the world's limestone caverns. This marvellous cave, which is really a series of vaulted chambers, each possessing a variety of distinctive features of unparalleled beauty will shortly be opened to the public.