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Lithgow Mercury August 12th 1898

Jenolan Caves

(From our own correspondent)

The director of the Botanical Gardens, Mr J H Maiden accompanied by two assistants arrived here on Saturday. With the exception of a bout a dozen trees they made a clean sweep of the gardens, cutting everything else out. They brought 10 cwt. of small scrubs and plants to replace the other so now the gardens will be thoroughly in keeping with the other improvements effected here.

An iron fence is being erected to replace the wooden pickets around the gardens.

Influenza is attacking nearly everyone here going from house to house. Mr and Mrs F J Wilson are both confined to their beds. We will not be sorry when it leaves us as the attack is in a very severe form and those who have so far escaped are not keen on making its acquaintance.

Improvements at Jenolan Caves

(From our own correspondent)

A great improvement in the mode of access to the Imperial Caves has just been effected. The old perpendicular wooden staircases have been discarded. An easy grade with cement steps and railings entering the Imperial Cave close to the organ gallery in the Grand Archway will be a boon to elderly visitors.

A new entrance to the Lucas Cave from the Grand Archway has been opened up. This is a vast improvement on the old entrance which was on top of the hill.

Three years ago great publicity was given to some wonderful discoveries made by Mr Jeremiah Wilson. This is called the Jubilee Cave. Since the discovery a great number of people have visited here for the purpose of seeing it. Six months ago all the necessary improvements such are steps, wire netting, etc were completed. Still it remains closed against the ordinary travelling public without any conceivable reason. Its early opening is eagerly looked forward to.