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Lithgow Mercury January 26th 1926

Figures which prove popularity
(From our own correspondent)

This resort still holds to its reputation of being the most popular and up-to-date tourist resort in the Commonwealth and the following figures speak for themselves. From 16th December to the 31st December 1925, 6529 people passed through the Caves, whilst for the period 1st January to 31st December of the same year 73,197 tourists made inspections. From 23rd December 1925 to the 10th January 1926 the average number of guests staying at Caves House was 210 per night and those guests who were fortunate enough to get in, cannot speak too highly of the manner in which the Tourist Bureau caters for their comfort.

Mr Bailey, contractor for additions to the existing splendid building, has promised the Government architect to have the new dining room ready for Easter and this portion completed will assist the management very considerably in handling the big crowd who desire to lunch at Caves House on their visit.

A new engine house is being erected to house a 50 kilo watt oil driven set, which will act as an auxiliary to the present hydro electric scheme.

During the year 3,209 points of rain were registered in 119 days, the registration for the month being 808 points.

The manager, Mr R.W.M. Stilling, and the superintendent of the caves, Mr J.C. Wiburd, have recently been appointed assistant inspectors of fisheries for New South Wales. Mr Wiburd has been honorary inspector for many years, but the fresh gazettals were necessary under the new Act.

The following guests, amongst many others, are in residence at Caves House at present:- Mrs E.B. Harkness and family, Dr and Mrs Baret, Miss Garrett, Miss Lyons, Miss Mann, Mr and Miss Seehof, Miss Barter, Miss Power, Mr and Mrs Tagg, Mr and Mrs McMenamin and family, of Brisbane, Mr Deeney (Queensland).