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LITHGOW MERCURY January 28th 1898


Eighty Five points of rain this (Tuesday) morning and still raining.

The Government architect has arranged the plan for the caretaker's residence, which is to be built on Gingkin Point overlooking Caves House. The work of excavating has commenced under the supervision of Mr D.J. dunbar. The situation is grand but an awkward place to get to, as it is a very precipitous mountain. A switz rig tramway would not be misplaced : but then on the other hand we must be thankful for small mecies as it is the only spot available for a house.

Miss Wilson is about again and slowly recovering. For 18 weeks she was confined to her bed with pleurisy and at times her recovery was doubtful but under the care of the doctor and a trained Sydney nurse she pluckily pulled through.

The room used as a post and telegraph office is in a very bad state of repair. We are anxiously awaiting the new officewhich has long been promised.


Writes our Mount Victoria correspondent :- A short time ago a part arrived at the Jenolan Caves too late for the Caretaker to undertake the lighting up of the caves. Amongst the visitors was a Maori gentlemanwho had nothing to do with the others. A consultation took place and the Maori being approached and made a confidant of, the caretaker was called one side and following colloquy took place. "What will the Prince do? He has not much time and is due at Sydney for cricket". "What Prince?" "Why Prince Ranjid. He is here incognito and does not want his name mentioned., but we know who he is and he is anxious to get through with his visit." "Oh, indeed. Well, well, we must do our best and get lighted up". Joy of visitors - delight of caretaker at so illustrious a visitor - and the caves were explored. Maybe the said caretaker knows all about it, will fight shy of dark gentleman and not be taking any princes again in a hurry.