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Lithgow Mercury 17th November 1899


[From a correspondent]

A party of tourists just arrived from Jenolan Caves, state that they are very much pleased with the Rydal route, which, in their opinion, is superior to any other.

The roads superintendent has been taking levels, etc. For the construction of a new bridge over Solitary Creek so that in a short time the residents on the west side of our village may have a suitable means of access to their several places of abode.


[From our own correspondent]

What must be considered a vast improvement upon the present mode of collecting fees for magnesium wire and candles used in inspecting the Caves is being initiated by the Department of Mines. The present rate of charges is most inequitable as if an individual inspects a cave the charge is 2s 9d, whereas a party consisting of five persons can view the same cave at the same cost. The new system which will shortly come into force will be most equitable. Tickets to cover the cost of magnesium wire and candles used in inspecting are to be issued at a uniform charge. The issuing of tickets is to be placed in the hands of our local postmaster, Mr J.F. Sheridan who has been so appointed. Improvements are still being effected in the different caves, under the supervision of Mr Caretaker Wilson, for making the caves more accessible. This reminds me that the workmen so employed do not enjoy the privileges extended to all other Government workmen of being allowed public holidays.