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Lithgow Mercury October 13th 1899

(From our own correspondent)

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning early a valuable horse was killed, the property of the lessee of Cave House. Whilst grazing on the rocky mountain side close to the old stables, he slipped, falling and rolling some hundreds of feet, with a sudden stoppage on arrival at the bottom with his neck broken. The precipitous nature of this country has caused the loss of several good horses in a few years.

Last week one of the Imperial coach horses fell and rolled about 100ft, from the new stables to the river. His leg was fearfully lacerated and it will be a long time before the animal can be worked. The danger of the narrow track around the mountain side to the new stables was pointed out to the proper authorities whilst work was being carried on, and a light fence asked for. Accidents must continue to occur unless this track is fenced.

The half time school at Mr P. Grady's has been discontinued, this school having been promoted to a provisional owing to the increased attendance.

A further supply of about 1000 American rainbow trout fry arrived in good condition on Saturday morning from the Fisheries Department. They were liberated in the Cave River, in close proximity to the accommodation house.

Mr Jeremiah Wilson, whilst exploring lately, discovered bones embedded in a limestone formation on the face of a hanging rock. The opinion of a visiting geologist is that the bones are of an extinct flesh-eating marsupial. They are being forwarded to the Government Geologist.



On Wednesday Mr James Cale, of Rydal, applied to the Local Land Board for a renewal of his special lease at Jenolan Caves, which he requires in connection with his line of coaches and hotel at Rydal. The Board agreed to grant an extension for another five years on condition that he does not meanwhile add to his present accommodation for travelers, although he is free to increase his stabling to any extent required. The application was opposed by Mr Trickett, L.S., Superintendent of Caves, on behalf of the Mines Department on the ground that the present Caves House, which the department had let by tender, would be prejudiced by granting leases for other accommodation houses. The board, however, held that, as Mr Cale had incurred considerable expense before the Caves House was leased, it was only fair that his lease should be renewed on the conditions given above.